How to Create a Successful Social Good Apps

If you do a Google search for “social good” right now, you’ll find more than 125 million results. Now, if you do a Google search for “social good apps”, you’ll get more than 25 million results – a significant number, really, when you compare the much more extensive history of social good as a concept to that of mobile apps as available digital tools. And the results for “social good apps” can only be expected to increase as more organizations find the need to adapt to an increasingly mobile society.


New data shows losing 80% of mobile users is normal, and why the best apps do better

Exclusive data on retention curves for mobile apps
In a recent essay covering the Next Feature Fallacy, I explained why shipping “just one more feature” doesn’t fix your product. The root cause is that the average app has pretty bad retention metrics. Today, I’m excited to share some real numbers on mobile retention. I’ve worked with mobile intelligence startup Quettra and it’s founder/CEO Ankit Jain (formerly head of search+discovery for Google Play) to put together some exclusive data/graphs on retention rates** based on anonymized datapoints from over 125M mobile phones.

IVQ Mobile Has more than 1000 000 downloads

It’s no surprise to hear IVQ Mobile is breaking records, considering it’s dominated headlines for the past two weeks. The game has also sat comfortable in Apple’s top free and top grossing charts in the App Store, beating out mainstays. According to mobile analytics firm SuperData Research, IVQ Mobile may have earned as much as $14 million by July 11th, putting its daily revenue at about $2 million in the first week alone.